It’s All About Change!

If You Don’t Like Something Change it!
If You can’t Change It – Change Your Attitude To It.
~Maya Angelou~


Take it from me, I’ve been where you are! Feeling stuck & vulnerable during this terrible pandemic, terrified you’ll get sick- but too scared to speak up about your fears. Wanting something better in life, but so low in confidence – you can’t see any light. Stick around and together we can do it!

Earth Medic Products

In India, Julie spent long periods studying and researching the benefits of Traditional Eastern Healing also known as Ayurveda. The word Ayur means knowledge, and Veda means life – so Ayurveda is all about understanding what makes us tick as living breathing human beings. So inspired by what she discovered – on returning to the UK she decided to start her own practice. Julie now creates tailor made therapeutic massage oils for a range of different conditions & imbalances. Each 50ml bottle

The Sessions

The online sessions are done on a 1-1 basis by appointment and will cost £15 for 60 minutes. All sessions are done online via Facebook Private Messenger Face Chat or SKYPE. The sessions include:

Talking Therapies

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. Someone to guide and help us in the right direction again. Over the years, I’ve lost count of the people I’ve seen, whose lives been ripped apart by stress. For some, it’s in the workplace, for others – health related. Many people either don’t have,

More About the Oils

Each bottle of Earth Medic Oil, contains a unique blend, specifically suited to your body type (Dosha) and condition. All oils are blended, using a range of fresh herbs, pure essential oils and Cold Pressed Castor Oil.

Many people who’ve used Earth Medic oils said they noticed an instant different in pain levels.

The 3 most common conditions in Western Society right now” explains Julie, seem to be:

  • Knee Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Stress

People regularly contact me to ask about, or looking for some kind of relief from these specific ailments and so, I decided to make these my main focus.

What Makes Earth Medic Oils Unique?

  • Each blend is created to suit your unique body make up. Unlike most over the counter oils and creams, I don’t work from a ‘one size fits all’ ethos simply because we aren’t all made the same. Whilst some ingredients may suit you, they might not suit the next person. Earth Medic Oils are tailor made to suit you.
  • This is why, before purchasing any Earth Medic oil, you’ll be asked some basic questions about your health. – Certain